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RopeMate.tmbundle by JulianEberius

Integrates the Python refactoring/completion framework Rope with Textmate

This is a Textmate Bundle that integrates the Rope framework with Textmate to provide autocompletion, goto-definition and refactorings like rename and extract method to TM users writing Python code. The project is new and pre-alpha. It is probably unstable (although an unstable TM bundle can't do much harm, compared to an unstable TM plugin). It supports the following Rope operations for now:

It is probably a good idea to customize the keyboard shortcuts to your needs. For example, I dislike the Alt-Escape completion shortcut that seems to be the standard in TM, and have used Ctrl+Space (similar to Eclipse) for the bundle.

I know that there are already alternative bundles that integrate Rope+TM (Ropy and Tempy), but they are not as polished as I would like them, and do not include any of Rope's refactoring operations. That's why I started to work on this bundle. Even in it's current state, autocomplete, rename and go-to-definition are a big help for me. Tell me what you think.

Big Thanks go to the authors of Rope, which does all the heavy lifting.


Depends on Textmate's Dialog2 and Dialog1. Both are included with newer versions of TM. Of course, the bundle depends on Rope, but a copy of if it is included in the bundle.


Just download the source, rename the folder to RopeMate.tmbundle and double click it. Customize the keyboard shortcuts in the Bundle Editor.


GPL2 (Rope is also GPL2), see README and LICENSE


Julian Eberius (julian \at\


You can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://